A Postcard From: Akosua-Asamoabea Ampofo ’19

Name: Akosua-Asamoabea Ampofo
Year: 2019
Major: Film

What’s happening?

This summer, I am interning at KSL, a TV news station in Salt Lake City, Utah. As a news intern, I primarily shadow journalists and write reports for newscasters. Every morning, we meet and discuss the potential stories for the day and everyone, including the interns, are given the opportunity to pitch stories. If the producer likes it, you work with a team, usually a reporter and a photog, to make that story come to life. On these shoots, I get to ask questions during interviews and or man the camera. As one of the bigger media voices in the Utah area, KSL likes to focus on local news and it has been interesting to get to see the surrounding areas as I work.

How I heard about my internship

As summer was approaching, I looked for internships around the country that had something to do with film. I applied to many places and sent my resume and cover letter to all these places. KSL were one of the few people that got back to me.

Why I applied for my internship

I am currently studying film here at Bryn Mawr and was looking for places where I could learn about production work in particular. I am aware there is a lot one can do with a film degree and I’m very interested in telling untold stories, and sharing new knowledge, so journalism is something that I am currently exploring. As such, I thought it wise to work in this environment and gain insight into how the industry works.