A Postcard From: Alisha Mudbhary ’19

Name: Alisha Mudbhary
Class Year: 2019
Major: Economics
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand

Internship Placement: Advanced Plasma Solutions
Job Title: Marketing Analyst
Location: Malvern, Pa.

What’s happening at your internship?

Since it is a marketing internship, I have been working with a variety of different techniques to increase reach and website traffic. A large part of my work has been implementing SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to rank higher on search engines. As part of this, I have been honing my HTML and CSS skills by changing features on the company’s website to improve its SEO.

I have also been given a different market research task every week where I must compile a report for clients interested in buying and implementing new technology. The reports aim to dissect the market and explain why the technology is worth investing in, its cost-efficiency and impact on the industry. I must then present my report to the CEO and answer any questions he may have. This is the most challenging and exciting part of my internship as it challenges me and puts my research and critical thinking skills — I am always having to make sure I answer every doubt that our CEO/clients may have.

In addition to this, I have a marketing proposal due in a few days where I make a case on why we should advertise with Facebook. If approved, I will oversee creating, launching and tracking several Facebook ads. This is something I am excited about and hoping it gets approved!

Why did you apply for this internship?

Out of the different marketing internships that I had applied for, APS specifically stood out to me because it is a technology development company. As an Economics major, I have learned about how technology is an important enabler of innovation and development and has a significant impact on the economy; I was interested in seeing how they contribute to the local/greater economy as well as how they operate in general. I also have a keen interest in exploring different markets and marketing allows me to gain deep insight into the market I am working with. I had previously done business development for a tourism-related startup, and learned volumes about the U.S. tourism industry including all its little niches (hotel industry, entertainment industry etc.), so I thought I would be able to do the same through APS, especially since I learned while doing my research that plasma is applicable in a variety of industries!

What has been your favorite part of this internship?

I love that since APS is a small company, my ideas are given weight and I am able to see the direct impact of the work I am doing. I suggested we try Facebook advertising when I found out it was more cost-efficient than the Google Advertising we were doing, my coworkers listened and helped me put together a marketing proposal to present to the VP of Marketing and the CFO. I also came across someone that may potentially be interested in investing in one of our technologies and suggested to my supervisor that someone contact him; they trusted my judgement and simply told me to set up a call with him. The call went well and he is now an investor! Seeing the impact of my work helps me look forward to work every morning and keeps me productive.

I am also given a lot of independence in completing my tasks as I encouraged to try out different SEO techniques without running it by my supervisor. This has helped guide my actions and decisions and form better judgement as I take responsibility for my actions.

Living in a new city? What has that experience been like for you?

Philadelphia isn’t completely new to me since Bryn Mawr is only 20 minutes away, but this is my first time having my own place and living alone in a city that is somewhat unfamiliar to me. It has been a very insightful experience and has taught me a lot about time-management, financial management and independence in general. I am glad I am getting the opportunity to find my own apartment, pay my own rent and feed myself every day before graduating. I am finding that there are small lessons to learn in everything I do, from making sure to bring my phone charger home from work to learning that you must remember to use the things that are already in your fridge before they expire. I am thankful that I’m getting a glimpse into what it is like to live independently before graduating.

I am also happy I am getting to experience this city that is so close to me yet seems so unfamiliar. I picked up how to navigate Philadelphia very quickly (had no idea how extensive and convenient the public transportation system is here!) and I am confident that this experience will help me adjust quickly in my future endeavors in cities completely new to me.